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How to become an Online Notary?
May 2021 - Are you based out of Florida, Pennsylvania, or California, and wanting to become an online notary? Read this post on the current legal status of remote online notarization and learn how to become an online notary in these states.
How Chatbots can help real estate agents
April 2017 - Learn about what chatbots are, their potential be transformative, and how they can help real estate agents.
Introducing Aiva, an intelligent personal assistant for real estate agents
February 2017 - Learn about Aiva, an AI-powered intelligent personal assistant for real estate agents, what it is, and why we built it.
5 Reasons Real Estate Agents should text prospects
February 2017 - Learn why real estate agents can use texting as a complementary strategy to engage prospects.
Why technology matters more than ever in the insurance industry.
January 2017 - Insurance is a huge, sophisticated industry with of some of the largest companies on the planet. Learn about why technology is crucial to success in insurance.
Choiceflow as an alternative to zTree and oTree
December 2016 - Choiceflow can be a powerful alternative to zTree and oTree for behavioral economics experiments.
Improving Your Real Estate Property’s Digital Portfolio
August 2016 - Virtual Reality videos, Drones, 3D floor plans, and 360-degree videos are changing how real estate properties are showcased to potential buyers.
Why do business schools have behavioral labs?
August 2016 - Behavioral research labs are unique to business schools, learn about what they are and why they exist.
Real Estate CRM Is Different
July 2016 - Before choosing a customer relationship management (CRM) for your real estate brokerage, consider thinking through a few key questions.
How Realtors Can Increase Productivity Through Tech
July 2016 - Realtors are extremely busy people. Learn how realtors can use technology strategically to boost productivity and free up time to focus on clients.
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