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Four Ways Technology is Changing The Face of Real Estate
June 2016 - Technological innovations are rapidly changing the way buyers and sellers interact with agents, brokerages, and the market at large.
Build Vs. Buy: A How-To Guide For Answering The Age-Old Software Question
June 2016 - One of the most important decisions growing companies have to make is whether they will build a custom software solution or buy one off-the-shelf.
6 Things Startups MUST Consider Before Engaging a Development Partner
May 2016 - Before you engage a development partner, you need to keep these six things in mind to avoid surprises.
Outsourcing Development Without Killing Your Startup
March 2016 - Thinking about outsourcing development? Read our guide on how to effectively manage your outsourced project and position it for success.
4 lessons learned deploying Python Django on EC2
March 2016 - Recently I spent 4 solid days working on deploying a Python Django application on an EC2 instance. The process was way longer than I expected it to be, but this helped me learn a lot about Python Django deployment that I think will be valuable to share.
The MBA guide to learning how to code
February 2016 - Knowing how to write software can be an incredibly valuable skill even if you are a business professional. A quick guide on how to get started.
Parse is shutting down. How does this affect me?
February 2016 - Facebook recently announced that Parse is shutting down. Read this guide to learn how it might affect you and what options you have.
Congratulations to the Bungalow Insurance team!
August 2015 - Congrats to the team at Bungalow Insurance for winning the 2015 Wharton Business Plan Competition!
An informal guide to Ad Tech: Part 1
May 2015 - Ad Tech is an infinitely complex industry that may be hard to understand. Learn from the perspective of someone who has spent many years on the ground.
Three things that matter for marketplace startups
May 2015 - Thinking about starting or already started a marketplace startup? Read this article to learn about the challenges you are already facing or will face.
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