How Realtors Can Increase Productivity Through Tech

July 2016 /

Realtors are extremely busy people. Learn how realtors can use technology strategically to boost productivity and free up time to focus on clients.

Realtors have the challenge of studying and marketing property listings, and drawing up real estate contracts, all while accompanying clients to properties and building relationships. Every day they face countless tasks, but how can productivity play a role in real estate success.

After speaking to hundreds of realtors and brokerages, we have collected four tips tailored to realtors to boost productivity:

Keep Track of Clients

With hundreds of clients, it is very easy to get lost in responsibilities. Use reliable customer relationship management software that allows you to keep track of leads, manage clients and automate a lot of the groundwork. A real estate CRM not only stops clients slipping through the cracks, but also helps agents know where to best focus their efforts to get the most ROI for their time. With a reliable real estate CRM, you will never forget to reply to a client.

Unify Resources

The information and applications you need are rarely on the same device. The last thing you want is to forget a document when you are with a client. Use cloud storage to unify your technology and access your material wherever you go, be more efficient and prevent delays. No need to pay more either; use Google Drive, Dropbox, and other free online storage platforms for easy access to resources.

Move Toward Mobile Technology

Long gone are the days of paper-based real estate. Print photography and hard copies cost valuable time and money, but moving toward mobile technology allows realtors to send their clients mobile-friendly documents. According to Cheston McGuire of Mobility Magazine, most successful realtors have switched over to mobile technology. Clients can access and review documents wherever they are. Saving them time and saving you money.

Automate Tasks

Building CMAs, marketing on social media, and sending emails are time-consuming tasks, and in an industry where time is money, you will need all the time you can get. Use automation software to streamline these tasks and set schedules for emails and posts. Consistent outreach, such as newsletters, holiday notes, and personal touches, will help you stay on top of your client’s mind. Giving you the highest likelihood of a referral when the time comes. Not only will you save time but you will also keep your clients close and connected.

As the wave of technology continues to sweep across the real estate market, the brokerages we talk to that are taking advantage of these four tips are differentiating and growing faster than ever before.

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