Real Estate CRM Is Different

July 2016 /

Before choosing a customer relationship management (CRM) for your real estate brokerage, consider thinking through a few key questions.

A customer relationship management (CRM) platform is designed to analyze customer interactions, interpret data, and help improve business relations. While CRM platforms are useful and are proving to be a necessity, real estate brokerage firms have found it difficult to convince agents to make use of the service.

CRM implementation involves training agents, offering reliable customer service, and disruption of agent workflow. But a truly reliable real estate CRM should exponentially increase productivity without demanding agents to adapt to a new system, like a typical CRM would. Using a real estate tailored CRM, agents should be able to automate real estate marketing and sales tasks.

A real estate customer relationship management platform should do more than just track leads and monitor clients, it should be able to provide marketing support. Brokerages need not only great technology, but also impactful outcomes, even when the brokerage does not have the staff to do so in- house.

Often, buyers overlook what a CRM can do for the client. Using a real estate CRM, agents reduce risk of a client not getting the attention they seek. According to the Ultimate Address Magazine , attention to clients has become top priority in the luxury real estate market. Using a CRM, agents can effectively communicate with and manage clients.

Here are a few questions you may want to consider when choosing a CRM platform:

  1. Is the CRM intuitive and easy to use? Is this designed for real estate?
  2. Will this integrate seamlessly into my agent’s workflow?
  3. Does this require any additional work, such as customer service?
  4. Does the CRM help with my marketing campaigns and converting leads?
  5. How will this affect the client?

Utilization of real estate technology is the difference between success and failure in today's real estate marketplace. Make sure to do your research and ask yourself these questions before committing to a real estate CRM tool.

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