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How Chatbots can help real estate agents
April 2017 - Learn about what chatbots are, their potential be transformative, and how they can help real estate agents.
Introducing Aiva, an intelligent personal assistant for real estate agents
February 2017 - Learn about Aiva, an AI-powered intelligent personal assistant for real estate agents, what it is, and why we built it.
5 Reasons Real Estate Agents should text prospects
February 2017 - Learn why real estate agents can use texting as a complementary strategy to engage prospects.
Choiceflow as an alternative to zTree and oTree
December 2016 - Choiceflow can be a powerful alternative to zTree and oTree for behavioral economics experiments.
Improving Your Real Estate Property’s Digital Portfolio
August 2016 - Virtual Reality videos, Drones, 3D floor plans, and 360-degree videos are changing how real estate properties are showcased to potential buyers.
Why do business schools have behavioral labs?
August 2016 - Behavioral research labs are unique to business schools, learn about what they are and why they exist.
Real Estate CRM Is Different
July 2016 - Before choosing a customer relationship management (CRM) for your real estate brokerage, consider thinking through a few key questions.
How Realtors Can Increase Productivity Through Tech
July 2016 - Realtors are extremely busy people. Learn how realtors can use technology strategically to boost productivity and free up time to focus on clients.
4 lessons learned deploying Python Django on EC2
March 2016 - Recently I spent 4 solid days working on deploying a Python Django application on an EC2 instance. The process was way longer than I expected it to be, but this helped me learn a lot about Python Django deployment that I think will be valuable to share.
Congratulations to the Bungalow Insurance team!
August 2015 - Congrats to the team at Bungalow Insurance for winning the 2015 Wharton Business Plan Competition!
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