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Choiceflow is a platform that empowers behavioral researchers and marketers to design, run, and analyze interactive experiments to extract better research insights.
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Use a powerful drag-and-drop interface to build research experiments in minutes rather than days or weeks
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Choiceflow Supports a Variety of Research Topics
Whether you are researching hurricane preparedness, retail discounting strategies, or effects of bias on decision making, Choiceflow can help you build your studies quicker and improve the quality of your research.
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Information Acceleration
  • Cognitive Research
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Leadership Research
  • Decisioning Research
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Advertising Research
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Social Psychology
How Researchers are using Choiceflow
Turn traditionally survey-based experiments into interactive experiences to extract better research insights
Build a rich storyline to understand how people prepare for impending hurricanes
  • Build rich and immersive storylines to better understand how consumers make decisions and consume information. Incorporate video, text, image, survey, and audio content to truly engage participants and add realism to your studies.
Design an interactive store to research discounting strategies
  • Easily create an interactive retail store experience in minutes to research a variety of consumer behavior topics including pricing, discounting, and product placement.
Create a board room simulation to understand biases in decision making
  • Design an interactive case study involving a real-life board room decision using Choiceflow within minutes. Incorporate, graphics, images, video, and audio content to communicate information and surveys to capture participant data.
Powerful Experiment Management Capabilities
Choiceflow comes ready with powerful capabilities to design and manage interactive experiments
  • Integrate rich content to create immersive storylines
    Easily incoroprate video and audio content to simulate television content, ads, and podcasts to create a rich and immersive storyline for your research studies.
  • Fully integrated with Qualtrics
    Leverage the power of the Qualtrics platform to embed surveys into Choiceflow studies to mix interaction with formalized data collection.
  • Bring your own participants
    Once you build the studies, share them with a participant pool of your choice including Amazon Mechanical Turk and your institutional behavioral research lab.
  • Detailed experiment analytics
    See exactly how participants are interacting with your experiment, extract insights even before opening up your statistical software package.
  • Export experiment data into stats packages
    Export Choiceflow experiment data into R, MATLAB, SPSS, Excel, Google Sheets, and SAS to dig deeper into the data.
  • Customize with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
    With support for customization through JavaScript, advanced users can build any kind of study tailored to fit their research needs.
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